“Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.”

Working with Natasha at Star Reach has given me clarity and a renewed focus on both a personal and professional level. Her mentoring has provided me with clear objectives and these are being implemented with continuous support and guidance. I would not hesitate to recommend Natasha whether you are after support as an individual or organisation.”

Jonathan Sheppard, Director at Buckland Energy Projects

Whilst working with Natasha Anscombe at Star Reach I have seen a remarkable difference in not only my confidence and my ability to engage with others, but my overall leadership style. I would highly recommend Natasha to any individual or company that need personal/business coaching and I am thrilled to be working with her.”

Nina Bawden, Business Unit Director at Ocean Facilities Management

When I started my coaching sessions with Natasha, I was carrying a lot sadness and pain from past experiences and I did not realise at the time what a negative influence it had on my life. Whilst working with Natasha I have been able to let go of these and look towards the future with confidence. Natasha’s help has been invaluable and she has been a true “lifeline” and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Amanda White, HR Director

I had no real understanding of how coaching worked when I approached Star Reach, but knew I needed someone to help me focus on both my career as well as my personal wellbeing.

Natasha’s approach to coaching is not just a scripted one size fits all solution, but takes all of my goals in life into account in helping me make the best decisions and adopt the best approaches for my personal and professional development. The best testament to her coaching may be that as issues come up, her voice is inside my head asking me what I want from the outcome. Her coaching style is to constantly ask questions, helping me work through any issue.

I would recommend Natasha to anyone who wants to increase their productivity and happiness in a manner that’s consistent with what they want from life.”

Tony L.

Having decided to divorce after 18 years of marriage, my ex partner and I engaged the services of Natasha for the sake of the children to ensure we handled the change to our family set up as best we could. Natasha’s warm, kind and straightforward approach enabled us to move forward as a family in an adult and mature way. Her advice and support during a difficult time was invaluable. We couldn’t have done without her.”

Sally B.

I engaged Natasha Anscombe from Star Reach to undertake some executive coaching and mentoring. Her unique ability to recognise, understand, and explain complex business relationships has changed our thinking, and most importantly, our action. Along the way there have been surprising realisations, but Natasha’s mentoring and high levels of energy continues to make a big difference. Natasha did not hesitate to tactfully, but directly point out areas that needed to be considered a different way. All of which is helping the team and the business on a daily basis.”

Andrew Armitage, Managing Director at Liaison

Working with Natasha Anscombe at Star Reach has had a profound effect on the way that I look at things in both my personal and professional life, providing me with a much deeper insight into my own behaviour and the influence that I have over others. Understanding and opening myself up has allowed me to develop a clarity of thought and awareness of what is happening around me ultimately allowing me to see the opportunities that exist.”

Andy Erskine, Group Managing Director at Ocean Integrated Services Ltd

Natasha’s calm and empathetic approach has helped me to open my eyes to a world of new personal and professional opportunities. She has offered me a fresh perspective which has allowed me to move forward with clarity and confidence. I would highly recommend Natasha.”

Melanie Heath, Business Consultant

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend a whole weekend with Natasha at her beautiful home and Star Reach retreat in the country. Over the course of two days we covered so much ground and I came away feeling refreshed and enlightened.

With her immense corporate experience coupled with her true insightfulness, Natasha was able to discuss and unravel issues to do with my career and work/life balance and how this was affecting my personal relationships.

Natasha is a genuine and caring person who has the ability to see things from different angles and open your mind to the possibilities.

I’m looking forward to seeing her again soon and would recommend anyone looking for life guidance to get in touch.”

Vanessa Francis, Freelance Broadcast Journalist, Good Morning Britain

Natasha is the person who will help you get through the most difficult times and achieve things that you never thought possible and certainly could not do on your own. She will help you find a way forward so you can grow and move on and find genuine happiness.”

Sallianne Cockerham, Partner, Southampton Row Solicitors

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