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Sick leave costs UK businesses around £14 Billion a year with most citing stress, anxiety and depression as their main cause of absence. Star Reach has recently seen a surge in interest from companies choosing to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to staff wellbeing resulting in happier, more effective employees and increased retention and loyalty.

What is work related stress?

Work related stress is quite simply a form of stress caused by things that happen at work. Challenge is a normal part of having a job, and most people enjoy it to a certain extent. However, when those challenges override the ability to cope, the body and mind can begin to suffer. While stress is a natural and useful human response, in excess it can be very unhealthy and cause all sorts of havoc across the body, including headaches, high blood pressure and depression.

So how can we help?

Star Reach provides counselling so that keep employees healthy and stress free. This unique approach to healthcare enables our clients to take control and embark on an entirely holistic natural path to wellness and optimal health, resulting in healthier employees that are likely to be more alert, engaged, effective, productive and happier.

How can counselling help with work related stress?

It is important to seek help if you think you are suffering from work related stress. It’s easy to think it will pass, or that it is all part of the natural working world but the truth is – it is not. Work, in general, should make you feel good. Having a job adds structure and purpose to life, while earning money is the key to independence and freedom.

Of course there will be days where you feel tired, emotional and stressed out but if you are carrying those feelings around with you every day, you will wear yourself out. Work related stress can lead to the following mental health problems:

Low Self-Esteem
Low Self-Confidence

If work stress is starting to impact your personal life – causing sleep deprivation, dread, anxiety and bad habits like drinking, smoking, or overeating, then may be useful to seek help. Counselling aims to get to the root of work related stress. We are all different and as such we all react differently to certain situations. It can be useful to explore your own unique patterns of thinking and behaving in a place away from the work environment. This will help you to unravel your feelings and move forwards more freely.

Sometimes, problems can stem deeper than they first appear. Many people continue to encounter the same problems time and time again in life because they don’t tackle them from the roots.

Counselling with Starreach can bring these issues to the surface and deal with them one by one in a confidential setting and peaceful setting. By addressing your work related stress, you can lower your risk of it developing into a more serious problem.

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